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When you take your lady to a gloryhole, you have several options for play.
  1. You can expose her to the dude in the next booth for some safe, harmless exhibitionism.
  2. She can suck your cock, or you can fuck her while the guy watches.
  3. You can watch her squat in front of the hole and blow a perfect stranger.
  4. You can fuck her while she blows a stranger, giving her a taste of threesome, with a level of anonymity.
  5. You can watch her back up to the hole, and take a stranger’s dick.
  6. Or, like this couple, you can invite your neighbor into the booth. Hubby can stay and participate, or he can slip into the next booth, peeping like a voyeur while another man bangs his wife in a semi-public, nasty video booth.

What’s your preference?

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OK boys, let’s cover a little gloryhole etiquette. Exactly what should we do, or not do, when we are lucky enough to see a woman on the other side of a gloryhole. Specifically, do we wrap, or do we slide it though uncovered?

The picture above gives us a pretty good option, I think. wrap your meat, then slide it through the hole. If the lady chooses to felate you through latex, you are ready to rock. If, on the other hand, she prefers the taste of your uncovered manhood and is hoping to feel a warm blast on the back of her throat or on her tits, she cam make the call and rip your rubber off.

Either way, you really can’t lose.

Watch this sweetie take care of that black cock in this free gloryhole video.

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